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Nexsan Product Overview

Nexsan E-Series™ disk arrays are ideal for virtualized IT environments and general data storage because they offer a variety of interfaces including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and SAS as well as supporting mixed SATA/SAS/SSD to meet varying workloads. VMware, Exchange, and database applications can leverage 450 or 600 GB 15K SAS drives, while backup-to-disk, surveillance, or general data storage scenarios can leverage 1, 2, or 3TB SATA drives. AutoMAID® technology saves up to 85% on power and cooling when disks are not being used. Nexsan E-Series delivers unsurpassed reliability, storage density, and ease of use.

Nexsan NST5000™ storage systems are ideal for virtualized IT environments, which prefer to store VMware virtual machines on an NFS share. FASTier™ SSD cache accelerates random I/O performance of SATA drives by up to 3X, delivering a system that meets the most performance AND capacity requirements, flexibly and cost-effectively. With capacities that can be added on-the-fly with no downtime up to 1PB, the NST5000 series scales to meet the needs of large general data storage, surveillance, digital media, or backup-to-disk applications. Built-in, easy-to-deploy snapshots and replication are for ideal for protecting physical servers in the local or remote datacenter or cloud infrastructure.

The Nexsan Assureon® archive storage systems are ideal for storing data which will never change, such as x-rays, MRIs, business contracts, reference materials and photographs that need to be retained securely for decades and which need to be instantly available. As such, Assureon is commonly used to offload primary storage of non-changing data, thereby freeing it up and shrinking the backup burden. The multi-tenant architecture and ultimate AES-256 based security make the Assureon an ideal choice for private and public cloud-based archive projects worldwide. AutoMAID® power management can reduce power and cooling by up to 85% when disks are not being accessed.