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Riverbed - WAN Optimization

Make 3,000 Miles Feel Like 30 Feet

As your company has grown, you've seen business move beyond headquarters. Your customers, partners, and suppliers are now around the corner, across town, or all over the globe. And each part of your organization needs to freely participate in business no matter where it's happening, no matter how fast it occurs. That's what Riverbed Technology is all about: delivering a faster, more connected world by creating working environments that are so fast and seamless that geographical and technological constraints become irrelevant. Riverbeds' award-winning line of wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions liberate businesses from common IT constraints by increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility — all while eliminating the costly need to increase bandwidth, storage, or servers. Thousands of companies with distributed operations trust Riverbed® to make their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive, and more responsive.

Conquering Geography Without Breaking the Bank

Riverbed works everywhere with anyone on any platform (like Linux, Mac, SAN, etc.) to eliminate geographical limitations. By fundamentally changing the way people and organizations work over long distances, Riverbed allows people in Atlanta to collaborate with people in Amsterdam as if they were in the same office. Entire globally-dispersed companies start doing business faster and more reliably. Suddenly, they can take on more customers and serve them at a lower cost. Servers and other equipment can be centralized and deployed to meet strategic needs, not merely geographic ones. IT infrastructure becomes more flexible and cost-effective, data more protected and secure. And suddenly your whole organization — even mobile workers — becomes faster, more nimble, and more productive.