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Jive Communications - Hosted IP Telephony (VoIP)

Introduction: Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony is quickly becoming the standard communications platform for organizations of all sizes. The wholesale shift from traditional telephone systems to feature-rich Hosted VoIP service has already begun. Immediate cost savings is the most commonly cited benefit of adopting Hosted VoIP, along with increases in system reliability and worker productivity.

Traditional Systems vs. Hosted VoIP

There are many telephone system options available to institutions, each offering various levels of cost, flexibility, and control. In the last few years, the choices of Analog PBX/Key and Centrex systems have been transformed to use Internet Protocol (IP) instead of traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). This transformation to IP-based technology has created the On-premises IP PBX and Hosted VoIP, which are rapidly gaining market share.

Hosted VoIP Architecture

Hosted VoIP deployments require little on-premises equipment—in most cases, needed equipment is limited to a high-quality router, Integrated Access Devices (IADs), and IP telephones. Although analog phones can be used in some cases, IP telephones are strongly recommended because they enable more features, require less hardware, and are easier to use.