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Help Desk Services

Support for Desktops, Laptops, Peripherals

We support most common Microsoft software for computers. We answer questions about setup, how-to questions, installation and update issues. We may be able to find deleted or misplaced files. We support most tools and will help with some other SW issues as they come up. We can troubleshoot Outlook issues and email problems you may have.

We also support common hardware used in the office. We can troubleshoot connection issues with a router or server connections within the office or help you connect via VPN to the office. We can sometimes reestablish connection with a printer on the network or help setup Outlook. We can troubleshoot device errors and install or update driver software as needed. A list of devices will be requested when we set up your account. We respond to complaints of slow computers and will initiate programs like scandisk or defrag to fix common problems. Typically, if a system is monitored, this will be done by the Network Operations Center on a regular basis. In the case of spy ware or viruses infecting a machine, we will run one spyware or virus scan program to attempt to remove any malware. If this is not successful, we will escalate the call to the next level resource. Using remote access we can resolve most issues with a computer escalating only those that require on-site presence or a more advanced level of expertise. We can help connect to VPN or remote work technologies. We'll troubleshoot your VPN or LAN connections. Our ability to resolve these problems depends on our having clear and accurate technical information.

Most calls received are answered live, however sometimes all our technicians are busy with other callers. The caller will have a choice to wait on hold, or to leave a message. We have a virtual queuing system, and if a caller chooses to leave a voicemail, that message will maintain the caller's place in line and will be presented to the next available operator.

Voicemail left is returned within the hour; response to email queries is within 2 hours.

Support for Servers

We support Windows 2000 servers and above. We do not support Unix/Linux servers or Mac Servers. Provided we're given remote access to the server via RDP or VPN we can do the following basic server administration:

  • Create, disable, and maintain new user accounts (one user per day)
  • Password changes or resets as authorized by you or your designee
  • Create and assign memberships to groups
  • Assign and adjust user rights, permissions, and quotas as you authorize
  • Terminal Services
  • Assist with application and printer resource management
  • Adjust some spam filter systems with clear information from you
  • Basic PDA administration. This does no include BIS or BES support or new user setup for these devices
  • Basic backup management when backup resource and information is included
  • General performance troubleshooting
  • Shared directory management (new shares, changing permissions)
  • Clear print queues
  • To troubleshoot an issue we will check for free disk space, spiked processes, etc.
  • Basic exchange administration
  • Create mailboxes
  • Change public folder permissions
  • Restart processes
  • Outlook Web Access
  • HTTP over RPC
  • VPN access
  • Mailbox or PST storage
  • Same Domain
  • Storage limits
  • Email tracking

We will not delete user accounts, merely disable them. We will not delete exchange mailboxes or public folders, merely hide/disable them as well. If we are required to make account/mailbox deletions, they will be disabled/hidden and you can delete them if necessary.

With access to the software, we can also see if backup jobs have run, but if they have failed and the reason isn't immediately obvious then it would fall to your technician to determine.


We can provide some support for remote devices checking connections, IP addresses, and looking at how the device accesses the server. Most calls of this type, however, will be escalated.

Support for the Internal IT Group

We are there when the server goes down, or the ISP fails. We will field the calls, let you know what is happening, and let callers know we are on the problem. When you do an upgrade, we'll recommend communication to set up the change, then field the calls from those who need assistance.

After Hours Support

If you require 7x24 support, we can provide the after hours support you need. Our after hours staff solves the most common issues of connectivity and password resets.

I'm sure there are other ways we can discuss how to use our service. The best way to find out is to ask.


  • We consider escalation at 30 minutes if we are unable to make progress with the caller, and have not identified the root cause. We will continue to work beyond this time if progress is being made. We do limit our time on a call to 1 hour, however, escalating the ticket rather than tying up the user with a difficult problem. We will work with you to develop quicker resolutions for future calls.
  • We will set up one new user per day on SBS 2003 servers. Requests for more than one user or for setups on other servers will be considered individually.
  • We will not reboot servers without verbal permission from you.
  • We cannot support Macintosh systems.
  • Our focus is on working routine issues with PC users. Initial setup of new computers and installation of new software are the responsibility of the local IT support.